AJ Coffee Company: Dallas, TX

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Since my first post here back in January of 2007, I’ve written a lot of posts, tasted a lot of coffee (some good, some not so good), written about shops and roasters across this great state. All it took to get a mention was to send us an email letting us know about you.

I haven’t talked much about my own ventures in coffee, as I never really intended to make this blog about myself, but about the Texas coffee culture as a whole. However, my own ventures are not excluded from the Texas coffee scene, and I figured it’s high time I introduced AJ Coffee Company (http://www.ajcoffeeco.com).

You may have noticed the little AJ Coffee Co ad to the right in our sidebar above the EspressoTrainer.com ad (which is also mine, but that’s for another post).

AJ Coffee Company has long been a dream that became the early stages of a reality in the summer of 2010. The dream was (and still is) bigger than just a tiny wholesale and online retail roasting company, but this is what we were able to do at the time.

It started in Lubbock, TX, where I lived when this website (and my career in specialty coffee) got started, and I moved back to Dallas in the Spring of this year with my family, bringing AJ Coffee Company with us.

My commitment to relationships, coffee ethics, sustainability, and quality is as strong as ever. These are the backbone of this company.

Our roasterie is located in the Lake Highlands neighborhood in the office park at the NW corner of Plano Rd. and Miller. Visits by appointment only. (one day, I hope it can be more)

AJ Coffee Company
10725 Plano Rd., Ste. 400
Dallas, TX 75238

Texas Monthly Talks Coffee.. Briefly

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In the December 2011 issue of Texas Monthly, Jason Cohen talksabout coffee quality in the consumer’s
kitchen in a feature linked to the cover article on Breakfast entitled,
“Not Your Average Joe”(link).

Dr. Timothy Schilling, Interim Executive Director of the GCQRI(Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative) makes an appearance to let average coffee consumers know of the importance of freshly roasted coffee.  A few roasters are named as good sources for their respective local areas, including Oak Cliff Coffee, Katz Coffee, Cuvee Coffee, and
AJ Coffee Company.
Maybe next time they can take it a step further and talk about proper brewing.  If nothing else, at least readers of Texas Monthly will now know to look for roast dates and freshness as an indicator of quality.  Cheers!

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