Manual Brewing Workshop: Brown Coffee Co, San Antonio

Manual Brewing Workshop, October 23, 2010 6-9pm. Brown Coffee Co. San Antonio, TX.

It seems as though this is the season for events in the coffee community.  This time, Brown Coffee Company is hosting a Manual Brew Methods workshop in San Antonio.  Manual brew methods gained steam when Starbucks bought the Coffee Equipment Company(inventors and sellers of the Clover brewer that made waves.. for awhile), and baristas were suddenly in search of a replacement for the cup-at-a-time marketing tool known as the Clover 1S.

Brewing is not the same as brewing well.  Manual brew methods require skill, attention, and concentration.  Most coffee establishments lack these basic requirements, but there are a few institutions who have, or who plan to implement a cup-at-a-time brew method to their list of options for their ever-discerning patrons to choose from.

Here is the scoop:

Brown is hosting a workshop focusing on manual brewing by the cup, which continues to find an ever-wider audience. This is a free and open workshop for serious home consumers as well as coffee professionals.

The goals for this gathering are simple:

-To continue growing the coffee community in Texas

-To provide some outlines of popular manual brewing devices

-To help level-set baristas with best practices around manual brewing

-To introduce a game-changing device for the industry that’s soon to be on the market: the Luminaire Bravo-1

Hope you can make it out for a fun evening with great coffee, great coffee people and some of the latest and greatest coffee equipment around.

San Antonio Coffee Roasters Now Kosher Certified

May 19, 2009 · Filed Under Publicity, Roasters, San Antonio, Texas Roasters · 3 Comments 

I got this tip from Facebook (via)

sacoffeeroaster_000San Antonio Coffee Roasters, also known as What’s Brewing, a company that produces one hundred percent Specialty Gourmet Coffee has gone kosher. The oldest individual coffee roaster in San Antonio, they have a full line of coffees from various countries as well as blends that they have created for over 25 years.  More…

Is Kosher the next big certification in coffee?  It’s been Fair Trade and Organic and Rainforest Alliance, and Bird Friendly, and on and on for a long while now, but a few people are starting to see through the marketing front that seems to have become the dominant aim these days.

Is there such a thing as non-Kosher roasted coffee?  What all is required to make coffee “Kosher”?  Is this certification significant, or is it another label intended to move more product?  I don’t have the answer to that, but if the goal was publicity, I’d say that it has worked already.

It also turns out that San Antonio Coffee Roasters is not already in our list of Roasters.  They have now been added.

San Antonio Coffee Roasters
138 W. Rhapsody
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Phone: (210) 308-8882
Fax: (210) 308-8883

Has anyone tried their coffee?

Jobs: Looking for Barista Job in San Antonio (Hayley Massie)

February 26, 2009 · Filed Under Barista, Economy, Jobs, San Antonio, Texas Retailers, TX-Coffee · 5 Comments 

I received an email from Hayley who is looking for work as a barista in San Antonio.

Her cantact info is listed below, as well as her resume in .pdf format.

Hayley Massie
680 E Basse Rd #338
San Antonio, TX 78209

Hayley Massie Resume (pdf)

This has been added to the List of People in the Jobs section.

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