AJ Coffee Company: Dallas, TX

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Since my first post here back in January of 2007, I’ve written a lot of posts, tasted a lot of coffee (some good, some not so good), written about shops and roasters across this great state. All it took to get a mention was to send us an email letting us know about you.

I haven’t talked much about my own ventures in coffee, as I never really intended to make this blog about myself, but about the Texas coffee culture as a whole. However, my own ventures are not excluded from the Texas coffee scene, and I figured it’s high time I introduced AJ Coffee Company (http://www.ajcoffeeco.com).

You may have noticed the little AJ Coffee Co ad to the right in our sidebar above the EspressoTrainer.com ad (which is also mine, but that’s for another post).

AJ Coffee Company has long been a dream that became the early stages of a reality in the summer of 2010. The dream was (and still is) bigger than just a tiny wholesale and online retail roasting company, but this is what we were able to do at the time.

It started in Lubbock, TX, where I lived when this website (and my career in specialty coffee) got started, and I moved back to Dallas in the Spring of this year with my family, bringing AJ Coffee Company with us.

My commitment to relationships, coffee ethics, sustainability, and quality is as strong as ever. These are the backbone of this company.

Our roasterie is located in the Lake Highlands neighborhood in the office park at the NW corner of Plano Rd. and Miller. Visits by appointment only. (one day, I hope it can be more)

AJ Coffee Company
10725 Plano Rd., Ste. 400
Dallas, TX 75238

Texas Monthly Talks Coffee.. Briefly

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In the December 2011 issue of Texas Monthly, Jason Cohen talksabout coffee quality in the consumer’s
kitchen in a feature linked to the cover article on Breakfast entitled,
“Not Your Average Joe”(link).

Dr. Timothy Schilling, Interim Executive Director of the GCQRI(Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative) makes an appearance to let average coffee consumers know of the importance of freshly roasted coffee.  A few roasters are named as good sources for their respective local areas, including Oak Cliff Coffee, Katz Coffee, Cuvee Coffee, and
AJ Coffee Company.
Maybe next time they can take it a step further and talk about proper brewing.  If nothing else, at least readers of Texas Monthly will now know to look for roast dates and freshness as an indicator of quality.  Cheers!

News: "Revival Market is the toast of the town"

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Source: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ent/7632653.html

Revival Market is the toast of the town
Coffee bar is an example of grocery’s push for local goods
June 29, 2011, 5:26PM

Barista at Revival Market

Michael Paulsen Houston Chronicle Barista, Fabio Pontes, makes an espresso behind the coffee bar at Revival Market in the Heights. The grocery is one of the few places in town where you can get locally roasted coffee from a handful of the city's top roasters.


Revival continues to explore ways to distinguish itself as both a market and a marketplace, thanks to the efforts of co-owners Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera. Revival’s coffee program is a good example. Java fans will be happy to know that Revival is the only place in town where you can buy beans from three of Houston’s small-batch roasters: Amaya Roasting Co., Greenway Coffee Co. and Fusion Beans. Those boutique purveyors have joined the store’s coffee stock, which also includes Katz’s Coffee and Fontana Coffee Roasters.

With top-notch Houston-roasted beans available, expanded offerings at its coffee bar and serious bean-head baristas working behind the counter, Revival is the city’s new coffee mecca.

“A lot of people who know coffee already know about it, so they come,” said barista Fabio Pontes.

But those who aren’t in the know might be surprised to learn that the coffee bar occasionally has local coffee masters pouring as guest baristas. Recently Max Gonzalez of Catalina Coffee (which features Amaya beans) rocked Revival’s coffee bar. Coffee sales doubled that day.

Revival’s coffee bar also is unique in that it is serving an espresso tasting “flight” that includes strong plain espresso, an Americano (espresso with water) and cappuccino (espresso with milk). The bar also cold steeps its coffee for iced coffee, as opposed to brewed coffee that is iced. The difference in flavors is astonishing.

The coffee program is, like its food offerings, Revival’s way of supporting the best of local purveyors and food artisans. The store already has become the place where the best locally sourced products can be found…”

Duncan Coffee Company Hiring: Jobs

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I received an email from Mr. Duncan letting us know that they are hiring.

Looking for sales people in Houston
base +  commission

Simple enough.  Thanks!

The job posting (along with contact info) can be found on the Jobs page here at tx-coffee.com

Fusion Beans – Houston

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Fusion Beans has been working on building a new website for awhile, and Sean Marshall informed me that it is finished.


The front page now serves as a blog featuring updates about company activity.  There is an about page with a lengthy introduction to the faces behind FusionBeans.  There is a Coffee 101 section with basic brewing instructions.  And, of course, there is a page where you can order freshly roasted coffee from the comfort of your computer task chair.

Sean is the owner, and is quite active in the regional coffee community in TX.  If  you care to, take a peek at their new site.  http://fusionbeans.com/

Bearcat Beanz: Aledo, TX

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I received an email a few days ago from Dan at Bearcat Beanz.

Dan writes,

How does one get added to your list of roasters. We are a specialty coffee roaster in north Texas, in Aledo, providing over half dozen different regional Mexican coffees to Mexican restaurants, coffee shops and for fund raisers.

How?  Just like that.  Shoot us an email or fill out our Contact form.

Bearcat Beanz has a website, but does not have a logo or much in the way of branding besides the name.  The only way to get ahold of them is via email, which can be found at their website.

Their website is simple and informative, focusing entirely on convincing the reader that coffee is a fantastic way to do fundraising, and that they are just the company to help you do it.  It’s most certainly an interesting business model, and while it may already have existed, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Bearcat Beanz has been added to our list of Roasters.


The Coffee Haus Downtown: Arlington, TX

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I received an email recently asking that The Coffee Haus Downtown be added to our list of Roasters and Retailers.

This shop was apparently one of the first businesses in the downtown Arlington’s urban renewal, and I suspect carries the same Coffee Haus name as has been present in the DFW area for years, though that has not been verified.

The Coffee Haus Downtown has been added to our list of Roasters and our list of Retailers.

The Coffee Haus Downtown
208 S. Mesquite St.
Arlington, TX  76010

Oak Cliff Coffee Featured by Dallas Morning News

Click Here

Oak Cliff couple take coffee beans to customers’ doors

…Here comes coffee time and the man with the goods.

There goes Shannon Neffendorf, cruising the sleepy streets of North Oak Cliff, hanging bags of freshly roasted coffee beans at customers’ front door.

“I love delivery day and the way it makes the car smell,” says the co-owner of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, out and about on his pre-dawn rounds.

He and his wife, Jenni, hope this milkman-style service helps their budding business stand out as more than another joe in the world of java…

…The couple launched the venture not long after their marriage. And in just over a year, they have seen it steadily grow to include about 75 residential customers, 10 businesses and offices, and five commercial accounts that sell their beans, serve their coffee or both…

And here’s my favorite part…

…They aren’t alone in North Texas. Texas Coffee People ( tx-coffee.com) lists 12 coffee roasters in the Dallas area on its Web site, which seeks to “promote a community of serious coffee people in a state which most would consider to be a coffee wasteland…

Kudos to Shannon and Jenni (and the Oak Cliff Brand) for the article!  (and thanks for the plug, whoever was responsible)

And let’s not forget to give you Oak Cliff’s website link: http://www.oakcliffcoffee.com/

San Antonio Coffee Roasters Now Kosher Certified

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I got this tip from Facebook (via)

sacoffeeroaster_000San Antonio Coffee Roasters, also known as What’s Brewing, a company that produces one hundred percent Specialty Gourmet Coffee has gone kosher. The oldest individual coffee roaster in San Antonio, they have a full line of coffees from various countries as well as blends that they have created for over 25 years.  More…

Is Kosher the next big certification in coffee?  It’s been Fair Trade and Organic and Rainforest Alliance, and Bird Friendly, and on and on for a long while now, but a few people are starting to see through the marketing front that seems to have become the dominant aim these days.

Is there such a thing as non-Kosher roasted coffee?  What all is required to make coffee “Kosher”?  Is this certification significant, or is it another label intended to move more product?  I don’t have the answer to that, but if the goal was publicity, I’d say that it has worked already.

It also turns out that San Antonio Coffee Roasters is not already in our list of Roasters.  They have now been added.

San Antonio Coffee Roasters
138 W. Rhapsody
San Antonio, Texas 78216
Phone: (210) 308-8882
Fax: (210) 308-8883

Has anyone tried their coffee?

"Pay What You Think Is Fair": Duncan Coffee Company

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We received an email from Mills Duncan of the Duncan Coffee Company with this interesting idea.

Times are tough especially for coffee houses. I would like to help out by offering a program to all interested coffee shops to “Pay what you think is fair” for our Farm to Market Fair trade coffees.  Perhaps any interested party could e mail me and suggest a price they might want to pay and I will get as close as I can (restraints of our accounting system)  ex if someone wants to pay  $4.00 a pound and the lowest setting was 4.25 we would go with the 4.25.  COD or credit until they establish credit.

This was such an interesting and ethical (of sorts) approach, that we had to pass it along.


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