Random Picture Friday #29: Drink Coffee

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"drink coffee" diner mug

Drink Coffee, Not Tea.

Random Picture Friday #28: Compleat Cup

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(via BostInnovation)

Today’s Random Picture Friday is all about a lidless takeaway cup from Compleat.   Check out the image!


The concept is more eco-friendly and has the potential to save retailer’s money in one fell swoop by eliminating the lid as a factor. Thus, no lid is thrown away, and no lids need to be purchased. According to the Compleat website, they are suitable for use with both cold and hot beverages, which makes me wonder if this is really such a hot (no pun intended) idea for hot beverages.

The funnel-like shape of the sipper opening would lend pretty well to getting more than one bargained for perhaps a little too easily.  Is it brilliant?  Perhaps.  Is it a lawsuit waiting to happen?  Time will tell.

Either way, it’s a pretty innovative approach.  Read about how the idea was formed at BostInnovation.

Random Picture Friday #27: Evolution of a Coffee Addict

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(via – holykaw.alltop)

Have a great weekend!

Random Picture Friday #26: Mustache Mugs

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Mustache Mugs

From designer Peter Ibruegger. (Source)

The Moustache Mug

Enjoy effortlessly masquerading behind a character moustache while
drinking your favourite tea or coffee. Every mug has a different design
on each side to explore your favourite masculine expression! Choose
between feisty Fu-Magnum, ambiguous Mustafa-Chaplin and cheeky

So, yes, it has been awhile since I had done one of these.  I found this and just couldn’t pass it up!  It reminds me of the Soda ‘Stache.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry.  It has a planned appearance as a Random Picture Friday feature.

Have a great weekend!

PetSpresso Dog Shampoo – because caffeine means a shiny coat

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  • Made with REAL coffee!
  • Organic antioxidant ingredients
  • Neutralizes stubborn odors
  • Soothes dry and itchy skin
  • Designed for all long and short hair breeds of dogs

PetSpresso is the newest innovation for all coffee lovers and dog lovers on the market: an organic dog shampoo that contains real coffee grounds. PetSpresso is designed to gently care for your dog’s coat due to the simple fact that real coffee grounds neutralize stubborn pet odors. Even better, these real coffee grounds will help to exfoliate your dog’s coat to soothe dry skin

If you love espresso and you have a dog, I guess you can do something with those pucks other than hold onto them until it’s time to plant roses and tomatoes again.  Does caffeine really provide a shinier coat?  I’d call this dumb, but they’ve sold out!  PetSpresso Dog Shampoo

I know it’s not Friday, but I couldn’t resist.  Found via ShotZombies.

Random Picture Friday #26: The Difference Between Regular and Decaf

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Have a Great Weekend!

Random Picture Friday #25: Who?

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Don’t forget!  Manual Brewing Workshop at Brown Coffee Co. in San Antonio is Tomorrow!

Have  a great weekend!

Random Picture Friday #24: Tea Sub

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It seems that getting some leaves wet for awhile would be a pretty boring task.  For some reason, I never seem to run out of toys to discover to help keep it amusing.  Introducing, the Tea Sub.  The geek in me doubts that the leaves have enough room to expand for proper extraction.

Tea Sub
Designed by Ototo

The TeaSub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew.

H12 x W4 x D7cm

Made of silicone. Dishwasher safe.
from: Monkey Business

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