EXPENSIVE Coffee, WBC Champ, and WBC Champ

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I doubt that I could summarize it better than Oliver Strand, so I’ll just let him do it for you.
$500.50 a Pound for Coffee Beans - NYT (clicky)

Summary: El Injerto wins Guatemala CoE, fetching an astronomical price.


Raul Rodas took the World Barista Competition trophy home to a major producing country for the first time.


Matt Perger takes home the still under-rated World Brewers Cup to Australia.

I’d like to note, Andy Sprenger of Cermony Coffee in Annapolis, MD won a respectable 2nd place.  (go USA)

SCRBC 2012 Update: Registration Now Open

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Please Click Here to Register.

SCRBC 2012 News

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Due to the lack of a willing host (come on, people, we can’t just expect Cuvee to take on the burden every year.. ), this year’s South Central Regional Barista Competition will be held in conjunction with the North Central Regional Barista Competition in Chicago, Illinois on March 23rd – 25th.


  • Where: Ravenswood Event Center, 4011 North Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613
  • When:  11:00am, March 23, 2012  to 5:00pm, March 25, 2012
  • Hosts:  Intelligentsia Coffee, Counter Culture Coffee and Alterra Coffee
  • States in Region (SCRBC):  Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
  • States in Region (NCRBC):  North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
  • Event Link: The Big Central Regional Barista Competition
  • Competitors Registration:  The link isn’t up yet (pathetic.. seriously), so I would harrass the BGA via their contact page or get in contact with our regional BGA representative, Lorenzo Perkins at Cuvee Coffee.
  • Judges Registration:  see above(Competitors Registration)
  • Volunteers Registration: see above(Competitors Registration)
  • Travel Information:  “coming soon”.. you know the dates and location.. map it, search TripAdvisor, and knock yourself out.  I suggest allowing a day or two after the competition to do a cafe crawl or three, and maybe a roasting works tour at Intelligentsia.  Of course, Chicago has a lot to offer all its own aside from coffee, so choose your priorities carefully.  /travel_agent_script


The Dose: Podcast #1


I hope you enjoy it.  We had a lot of fun making it.

It can be found on iTunes. -> Click

2010 SCRBC Results

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3rd Place:  Tyler Wells of Frank, Austin

2nd Place: Aaron Blanco of the Brown Coffee Company, San Antonio

1st Place: Lorenzo Perkins!!! of Caffe Medici, Austin


Congratulations to all of the finalists, the podium finishers, and to the 2010 South Central Regional Barista Champion, Lorenzo Perkins!

SCRBC LIVE Stream. Watch it Here.

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SCRBC:  Finals   12:00pm


Tyler Wells
Isaiah Sheesh
Aaron Blanco
Clancy Rose
John Meadows
Lorenzo Perkins

Tyler Wells

Isaiah Sheese

Aaron Blanco

Clancy Rose

Jonathan Meadows

Lorenzo Perkins

Watch live video from usbcscaa on Justin.tv

If you couldn’t catch it from the beginning, try clicking these links:
Day 1
Day 2

SCRBC List of Competitors

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Just in case you were curious, here is the list of competitors for this year’s South Central Regional Barista Competition.

Day 1

Eason Tseng – OUT OF REGION  Taiwan

Clancy Rose – Cuvee Coffee – Austin, TX

Kirk Knipmeyer – Coffee Roasters of New Orleans – Kenner, LA

Jenna White – Caffe Medici – Austin, TX

Mark Sobhani – Wildfire Coffee Roasters - San Antonio, TX

Andrew McCaslin – Day Break Coffee – Lubbock, TX

Isaiah Sheese – Double Shot Coffee Co – Tulsa, OK

Drew Cambre – Society of New Orleans Baristas – Metairie, LA

Rey Ortiz – Wildfire Coffee Roasters – San Antonio, TX

Lorenzo Perkins Caffee Medici Austin, TX

Nathanael Long – Sugar Brown’s Coffee – Lubbock, TX

Derek Dyson – Topeca Coffee – Tulsa, OK

Greg Hill – Mojo Coffee House – New Orleans, LA

Day 2

Eason Tseng – OUT OF REGION – Taiwan

Sara Hauschildt – Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Austin, TX

Anderson Stockdale – Dee’s Coffee, S.N.O.B. – New Orleans, LA

Jonathan Meadows – White Rock Coffee – Dallas, TX

Aaron Blanco – The Brown Coffee Co – San Antonio, TX

John Cunningham – Topeca Coffee – Tulsa, OK

Mike McKim – Cuvee Coffee – Austin, TX

Tyler Wells – FRANK – Austin, TX

Sean Marshall – Fusion Beans – Houston, TX

Steven Wimberley – Caffe Medici – Austin, TX

Garth Bjorklund – Double Shot Coffee – Tulsa, OK

David Buehrer – Tuscany Coffee – Houston, TX

Matthew Long – Sugar Brown’s Coffee – Lubbock, TX

That’s quite a list this year. 24 in-region competitors. Go, SCRBC, Go!

2010 South Central Regional Barista Competition


I am thrilled to finally be able to post with concrete details!

Once again, we will be kicking off the 2010 Barista Competition season with the SCRBC being the first to take place.

The South Central Regional Barista Competition, hosted by Cuvee Coffee, will take place on January 7-10th at the Downtown Austin Sheraton, 701 East 11th Street Austin, Texas.

Visit http://www.usbaristachampionship.org/southcentral/ for more information.

I will not be able to be there due to a schedule conflict, but I’d still like to know who is going to be there.  Last year’s competition displayed considerable growth compared to the 2007 competition the year before, and I am hoping to see a similar trend for this year.

2009 USBC Live Video Feed (and Live-Blogging)

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Feed can be found here -> Click

Blog can be found here -> Click

Or, you can just sit back, and enjoy the show from the comfort of TX-Coffee.com:

Free TV : Ustream

New Book…Looks Like Fun

Killing trees with coffee, I think, is an acceptable trade-off. Especially if you use recycled trees or fake plastic trees, and if you recycle your used coffee grounds into your compost bin.

Now comes this from, fittingly, a Berkeley publisher: What appears to be a fun new book in the super-macro-food-pics mold that is all the rage today, complete with a delectable line-up of deliciously done drinks.

The book is entitled, Coffee Drinks, by one Michael Turback, and, at 112 colorful caffeinated pages, is a bargain at under $15.

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