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Jason Haeger

  • Crema – A perk, or a necessary evil? – We look into the nature of crema (and bloom) and what it imparts to the final beverage, and then we ask the hard question.  Is it really desirable?  Weigh the pro’s and con’s and decide for yourself.  Then share your decision and reasons.
  • Is Bottomless Coffee Really a Good Idea? – we explore the philosophy behind bottomless coffee, and why maybe it’s not the best solution.
  • Latte Art 101 – a crash-course in how to pour latte art, and its appropriate use
  • Humidity and the Bean – humidity’s effects on espresso, and ways to help control the consistency of extractions. Comments welcome.
  • Tamper Bases – A discussion and exploration of the various shapes available for tamper pistons, and a theoretical look at how they effect the extraction.
  • Wisdom for home enthusiasts: Grinder first. – A tip on how to prioritize your shopping and parts list for the best possible cup of coffee in your home, for even the smallest budget.
  • A Focused Approach for Tough Economic Times – Tips for surviving the economic recession for specialty coffee retailers.

Sarah Benedict

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Staff People

  • Jason Haeger – (that’s me) From Lubbock, TX. I have bounced around this area quite a bit in search of a passable espresso. I never found it, but I did find people in search of it and who were willing to take a few pointers. And so I trained them, and they eventually hired me, and then they layed me off. Somewhere in there, I started my own training business on the side. It’s slow going… really slow. I got the idea to start TXCP after being a regular contributor and reader of www.arizona-coffee.com, and seeing the impact it had on the turnout and mentality at the Arizona Barista Jam. I figured it was high time we had a site of our own.
  • Aaron Blanco – (feel free to edit this, Aaron) From San Antonio, TX. Aaron is the owner of The Brown Coffee Co. Perveyor of fine coffee, and coffee missionary to all. Aaron is a roaster with a passion that runs deep. He has a love for coffee that most will never know. He also has a love for people who love coffee, and everyone tied to the chain in some way. He organized the TX Barista Jam in November of 2006 in an attempt to help build the TX coffee community. A purpose we can all smile about in agreement.
  • Dan Streetman(forums) – Dan has worked at a few unknown shops around College Station, and now works for Cuvee Coffee. He wants nothing but the best for the coffee community in Texas, and seems to have a drive to help it flourish. If you ever need to know where to go for coffee with good odds in Texas, he’s the man to go to first. Open for discussion, or just a friendly hello. He is the sole moderator of the forums.

Articles & Contributors

  • Coming soon eventually: A Beginner’s Guide to Espresso by Andrew Scribner (formerly of Coffee Dog in Bastrop, TX)
  • If you have an idea you would like to see drawn out into a full-blown article or guide, please let us know! (TX-Coffee.com is here to serve the Texas specialty coffee community. Let us know how we can help.)

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