Mission Statements

Welcome to Texas Coffee People. The purpose of this site is to help promote a community of serious coffee people in a state which most would consider to be a coffee wasteland.

Well, I’m about sick of having that reputation in the backs of the minds of anyone when I tell them I’m from Texas, and I am positive that I’m not alone.

We’ve had a very successful Barista Jam with more attendees than I had ever hoped to see, all lovers of coffee… but not JUST coffee; Coffee as we know it. In the incarnation of the Third Wave of progress in the evolution of the seed.

With a passionate roaster in San Antonio, another in Houston, at least one shop worth noting, and several individuals tied to, and outside of those institutions, Texas is far from a desert. I believe that there are many coffee lovers who have simply not been introduced to the online community, and thus, have missed out on so much that a particular side of the industry has to offer.

I am tired of trying an independent shop and being dissappointed that I didn’t just settle for Big Green instead. I am tired of talking to shop-owners and baristas who just don’t seem to care that there is something more, something better that they’re just not getting, and that their customers are missing. I am tired of hearing that “customers can’t tell the difference”.

The best cure is to form a community in which a culture of quality can happily thrive. If we can create a national community, it should be cake to help bring together those of us present in a single state.

This is not a personal blog of just one or two people. This is a blog to represent and bring together the entire specialty coffee community in the state of Texas.

If you would like to be a contributor, don’t hesitate to say so. We’d love to talk to you about getting you on board.

Join us.

The Texas Coffee Revolution has begun.

-Jason Haeger

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