2012 World Barista Competition Semi-Finalists.

June 13, 2012 · Filed Under TX-Coffee 

This blogger sucks, but more on that later.  As reported by Sprudge, your world barista competition semi-finalists are:

[in no particular order, with twitter handles attached, also thanks to Sprudge]

1. Daniel Mendez, Viva Espresso, El Salvador @VivaEspresso1

2. Per Nordell, Åre Kafferoster, Sweden

3. Ricardo Azofeifa, Costa Rica Coffee Institute (ICAFE), Costa Rica@ICAFE_COSTARICA

4. Philipp Meier, Independent, Switzerland

5. Colin Harmon, 3FE (Third Floor Espresso), Ireland @dublinbarista @3FE

6. Miki Suzuki, Maruyama Coffee, Japan @maruyamacoffee

7. Fabrizio Sención Ramírez, Cafe Sublime, Mexico

8. Raul Rodas, Paradigma Coffee Roasters, Guatemala @raultigre

9. Coen van Sprang, Lebkov & Sons, The Netherlands @lebkov

10. Stefanos Domatiotis, Taf, Greece @stefanosook @tafcoffee

11. Matija Hrkac, Good Food, Croatia @kavica_org

12. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, Colonna and Small’s, United Kingdom@Colonna_Smalls

Frankly, I LOVE this mix.  An independent, a few producing nation baristas (including Ricardo Azofeifa from ICAFE!), the now legendary Stefano Domatiotis and the guy with the Tantrum, Colin Harmon.  What’s missing from this list?  Our own Katie Carguillo of Counter Culture Coffee:  aka, Team USA.

You can watch it LIVE by clicking here: http://worldbaristachampionship.com

Today is finished, but the Semi-Finals will begin at 11am tomorrow, Vienna time (5am CST.. -7hrs)

The Finals will be on Friday at 5:30am CST.

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