New Tech in the World of Coffee

I was looking through some Flickr updates, when I come across this interesting looking machine that reminds me of a Clover, and some experiments I’d seen done over at Jim Seven regarding water measurment by weight, rather than volume.

Well, here it is.  The Marco Uber Boiler.  It’s been situated to deliver water at temperatures of .2C precision by weight into whatever vessel of your choice.  Precise temperature, precise measurement, both in a neat in-counter package.  This does what Clover couldn’t.(just my opinion)

It’s not in production yet, and James says, “For those interested I’d recommend e-mailing Marco, and they will keep those interested up to date on the boiler.”(via) Click Here for the full report from James Hoffmann.

The next bit of tech for the coffee industry is an espresso machine project that I’ve been following for awhile, but was just recently finished into a functional prototype.  It has since made quite a splash, and it has gotten more attention.  It is the Slayer Espresso machine.

It’s low, it’s sleek, it has exposed group heads, it has steam wands and levers that remind one of Synesso, it boasts temperature control/stability, exposed paddle group heads, and… pressure profiling control?

I know that La Marzocco has released their paddle machine (which, btw, Cuvee was one of the first to have acquired), and it has made a splash, but not in the same way as this one.  Maybe it’s because it is from an independent, rather than from a prestigious manufacturer with a long history.  Maybe it’s because they’ve been blogging about its progress since it began.  Or, maybe it’s because it was developed from the same folks who started Treuh, except for Mark Barnett, who went on to found Synesso.

Either way, this piece of espresso tech holds a lot of promising potential.  Also not in production yet, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for updates on its progress.

That’s all the news for today!  I’m sure that’s more than enough to hold you over for awhile.

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  1. admin on February 11th, 2009 5:15 pm

    By the way, there are plenty of pictures at each article’s respective source, so click through!

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