Congratulations to the World Barista Champion, Stephen Morrissey of Ireland

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He trained James Hoffmann for last year’s WBC. He trained Kyle Glanville for the USBC, which he went on to win. He won the Irish Triple Crown of the Irish Latte Art championships, the Irish Cup-Tasting championships, and the Irish Barista Championships. And now, in his first ever appearance in a World Barista Championship, he was crowned the World Barista Champion. This man is unstoppable.

It seems all eyes will be on Square Mile Coffee, the company owned and run by James Hoffman, 2007 WBC, Annette Moldvaer, 2007 World Cup-Tasting Champion, and Stephen Morrissey, 2008 WBC.

They may be in need of more trophy space.

The final order of the WBC is as follows:

1st Stephen Morrissey, Ireland 738.5 pts
2nd David Makin, Australia 733 pts
3rd Liesbeth Sleijster, Netherlands 694.5 pts
4th Daniel Remheden, Sweden 693 pts
5th Michael Yung, Canada 702 pts
6th Soren Stiller Markussen, Denmark 671 pts

Congratulations to all competitors, and congratulations to the World Barista Champion, Mr. Stephen Morrissey

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